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The Pros and Cons of Joining a Big Box Gym

Even if you have not visited a big box gym, you have probably seen them in movies. We are talking rows after rows of fitness equipment, music blasting through the speakers, wall mirrors everywhere, and hundreds of people working out in their own groove. Big box gyms have become very popular over the last decade. They stand at the edge of fitness and commercialization of it. For many people, big box gyms are their go-to choice, without even exploring the alternatives. But are big box gyms as good as they are made to be? Are you better off with a more personalized training space? Let’s find out.

The advantages of big box gyms

The biggest advantage of big box gyms is apparent once you walk into one of them. There are hundreds of equipment and all the latest fitness gadgets you can find. You do not have to wait behind other people to do your sets. You often also get other facilities like a sauna, showers, even massages.

To break it down, big box gyms offer you the freedom to do things in your right. You can walk in when you want, do what you want, and get out when you feel like it. That makes it a great option for people who squeeze in workouts between the day. It gives you the flexibility to be your own boss and decide what you want to do. The availability of cutting-edge fitness equipment is an added plus.

By now, you must be wondering about the cons of big-box gyms. Read on.

The disadvantages of big box gyms

With freedom comes responsibility. When you are working out in a big box gym, you do not know whether you are doing the right thing or not. It does not depend on your fitness level or experience either. Even professional bodybuilders and athletes have coaches because humans are incapable of spotting their own mistakes.

Not having a workout partner or a coach also means that you can never make heavy moves like squats and bench presses. You will have to stick to lighter weights that will eventually get boring.

Big box gyms also push us towards a commercialized version of fitness. Fitness can be so many things -boxing, dancing, running, rowing, walking, and so on. Big box gyms do not let you explore these possibilities.


To conclude the discussion, big box gyms are a good option, but they should never be your only option. There are way too many other things to pursue, and you would not want to stick forever with bulky machines and treadmills.

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