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Could Boxing / BoxFit Gyms Be the Right Choice For You?

BoxFit gyms refer to gyms that incorporate boxing and kickboxing into daily workouts. Unlike professional boxing or kickboxing gyms, the focus here is on developing well-rounded fitness and athletic abilities. You might think that boxing gyms are only for professional boxers, but that is no longer true. Today anyone can join a BoxFit gym and reap benefits from their training system.

Why boxing?

Boxing is one of the most complete sports out there. It trains the three most aspects of an individual – strength, endurance, and mental resilience. Boxing, like any fighting art, is also a sport. It teaches you the core principles of sportsmanship while developing your strength and endurance.

Contrary to popular opinion, sparring (practice fighting) is only a small component of boxing gyms. Before you even step in the ring, your trainer will take you through various preparatory stages. You will be working on your strengths, your balance, posture, leg movement, and even concentration. If you are looking for a training system that truly focuses on developing every aspect of your body and mind, BoxFit gyms might be the right choice for you. While the idea may seem intimidating to some, it will bring out its benefits in no time.

Things to know before joining a boxing gym

You must understand that boxing gyms are different from regular gyms. You won’t be doing 5×5 sets or pumping your muscles. While those elements will be small components of the training module, they won’t be at the forefront. You will be primarily focusing on boxing elements – strength, explosive power, footwork, vision, awareness, agility, speed, and endurance. If your goal is to build a beach body in 4 weeks, boxing gyms might not be best for you. However, if your goal is to build a physique that will last for years, nothing can be better than boxing.

Is everyone eligible for boxing gyms?

On paper, anyone can join a boxing gym and learn boxing. However, some people would have a difficult time doing so. Since boxing gyms focus a lot on endurance, people with heart issues should consult their doctor before enrolling in a BoxFit gym. People with a past of severe injuries should also check-up with their physician before signing in.

For younger people, boxing is often a great way to build good health and habits. It is a learning that stays with them for the rest of their lives. Even older people with a knack for learning new things can consider joining a BoxFit gym.

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