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Not So Sure About Training in a Public Gym? Consider Personal Training Studios.

There are many reasons people might not want to train in public gyms. Be it the Covid-19 scare or the general bad hygiene of many public gyms; they are not the best option for everyone. Public gyms also push away many beginners who can get intimidated and insecure by the more experienced bodybuilders and gym-goers. You might also not get a trainer who can focus on building your fundamentals. Most people who cancel their gym memberships usually go to public gyms. For a long time, they were seen as the only option. However, now we have one more option – personal training studios.

What are personal training studios?

To do away with the misconception at the very beginning, personal training studios and home gyms are very different. Personal training studios are nothing but a dedicated space that your personal trainer sets up for you. It can be a home space, a garage, a gym, an outdoor gym, and so on. Within this space, the trainer focuses on only you. It is different from having a trainer over at a home gym. Setting up home gyms is much costlier than getting a personal training studio. Since the personal trainer would work with multiple clients at different times, the hassle of maintenance and upkeep is not with you.

What are the benefits of personal training studios? 

There are many benefits to personal training studios:

  1. You get one-on-one attention from the trainer. The learning curve becomes much smoother and you are less likely to get injured.
  2. Personal training studios are more hygienic and safe than public gyms. You do not have to deal with sweaty bars and seats or be afraid of someone tipping over a heavy barbell. It lets you work out in peace without worrying about anything else.
  3. You get to work on your specific goals with a personal trainer and do not have to follow a generic workout plan. If your goal is to correct your posture, you will not benefit from multiple sets of bicep curls and triceps extensions. A personal trainer and training studio helps with these nuances.
  4. Depending on your trainer, personal training studios are almost always better for quick results. If you want to get shredded in 6 to 8 weeks, opting for a personal training studio is a good option.

The only con to personal training studios would be the increased costs. However, considering the results you would get, that is often a good investment.

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